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Google Plus to Have Growing Impact on SEO

Google has integrated Google+ pages into search results. However, just like everything else when it comes to trying to understand Google search results algorithms, it is not clear how Google is ranking these pages.

Google is not about to flip their entire algorithm around just to give more favourable search rankings to Google+ pages. Google made its mark by providing the most relevant search results to searchers. While Google clearly wants to encourage more and more Google+ page creation and interaction on their social network, they are not going to do anything that will sacrifice the integrity of their search results.

The plan right now seems to be to show Google Plus brand page in search results for those who have joined said brand’s circle. Of course this means the searcher has to be logged into Google’s services in order for this to occur. How links from Google Plus pages compare to link backs from other social networks is also unclear at this point, however, it would stand to reason that Google will give some extra weight to it’s own social network back links. One thing is for sure, search professionals, if they haven’t already, will start to put an emphasis on building up your Google+ presence.

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