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Mobile Marketing Revolution
Call to Arms!

Many observers, myself included, have been underwhelmed by the speed at which mobile marketing is making its way into marketing strategies. But that’s about to change.

I am tempted to write “late to the party” in describing those that now seem to be embracing the idea of earmarking significant dollars to mobile marketing in their budgets. But to be late to a party, you would have to be arriving well after most other guests. Otherwise, you are not late, you are just going with the traffic.

The fact is, a recent poll of marketers by email marketing giant Strongmail showed that 55% of respondents were not using mobile as a marketing channel. So there is clearly a lot of late adopters out there yet to adopt. But they are coming to the party, in fact, they are just coming up the front steps. 75% of respondents from this same poll said they were going to integrate mobile campaigns in the next year or two.

The main area of concern for most is their website design. Most are just not responsive to mobile devices, and this is widely viewed by marketers to be their number one priority. Mobile applications, QR code campaign integration and SMS/MMS along with mobile advertising are other areas we can expect to see in a lot of marketing plans in the very near future. In fact, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $2.6 billion in the US this year.

While many were expecting mobile to be playing a much greater role in marketing strategies across all verticals by now, it appears we are finally on the precipice of a mobile revolution. When you consider how many consumers are carrying around smartphones in North America, it’s a small wonder why it has taken so long.

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