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Small Business Lagging Behind Social Media

Large businesses and brands are integrating social media through their marketing programs but small and even medium sized business are not nearly as active.

A study conducted by SMB group this winter showed that while 45% of small business in the US are using social media marketing, less than 25% of them are really connecting with their customers in any kind of meaningful way. In fact, a larger number of small business (31%) said they do not us and do not plan to use social media in the next 12 months.

This is baffling because not embarking on any kind of social media strategy basically also spells a death sentence to SEO. So if these companies are not conducting any kind of meaningful SEO or social media strategies, just what are they doing? Sure there are other marketing tactics out there, but for small business with small budgets, they would really be best served to be fully integrated into the most cost-effective strategies and tactics. Social media and search engine marketing are two tactics that help even the playing field with the bigger corporations. So why are more the half of small to medium-sized businesses not taking advantage?

Smaller companies will always tell you that their biggest challenge is and will always be time and resources. But I beg to differ. I think the biggest challenges for these companies is leadership. The leadership in these companies are not paying attention. They are stuck in old marketing communications tactics that cost a lot more and are much less effective at spreading their message and connecting with their customers and prospects. How else can you describe an organization that ignores the highest performing marketing tactic around (SEO) while also ignoring their customers and turning their backs on significant traffic driving opportunities by not effectively participating in social media marketing strategies and tactics?

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